A Bathroom Updo!

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We gave this bathroom a boost with a little planning and a few bathroom changes. Get a fresh start with some creative ways to make a bath look like new! If cost is a concern, try one of our budget updates below to spruce up your space without breaking the bank.

To update this master bath for our clients vacation home we started by planning out how to keep the marble throughout the bathroom and make it look like new.
We sent our sub-contractor to crystallize all the 12 x 12 marble on tub & shower walls and bathroom floors, and then we removed the shower floors.
The bathroom vanity was built in the ‘90s and had been painted over too many times, the faucets were not working properly and the countertops were horribly worn out. They had to go!

Bathroom makeover

An environmental way to update your bathroom is by conserving water. A WaterSense faucet can cut water flow by 30%. We chose an in-stock floor mosaic for the shower floor that flowed with the existing marble and added a semi-custom white cabinet bought at our local Lowes Store.

Looks like new in 2 weeks and without tearing up the entire bathroom! The marble shines like new, contemporary vanity, countertop, sinks and fixtures! We love making our clients gasp when they open the door to their new space!!

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  1. Jorge 3 Jun 2014 Reply

    This is a great tip! Thanks so much for sharing.

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